Great Plains Dynamics

Having delivered easy-to-implement, fully functional accounting solutions for over thirteen years, Great Plains Dynamics has earned the accolades of more than 30,000 businesses using it around the world today. Dynamics' state-of-the-art data operability technology, visionary systems design, and modular architecture gives businesses of all sizes the power, functionality and scalability they need to be leaders in a growing economy. We at Fallon & Associates take pride in our thirteen year partnership with Great Plains

Dynamic operability helps you make the most of your system

From Dynamics' beginning, Great Plains has sought to construct a truly world-class product, creating a system that has consistently stayed light years ahead of the competition. In the field of integration, it was one of the first in its class to offer interapplication programmability with support for Visual Basic for Applications, and has pioneered the standardization of e-Business solutions. Version 6.0, the latest Dynamics release, can advance your online business like never before with innovative web-interactive components such as eOrder, eTimesheets, and eSell, one of the most implementation-ready Web storefront integrations on the market today.

Most importantly, Great Plains Dynamics gives your business the flexibility and power to do just what it needs to do. Dynamics offers a wide array of modules and extensions designed for every possible business application, a construction that allows customization for a multitude of uses while allowing growing businesses to choose only the components they require. Aside from facilitating the implementation of as simple a system as possible, this functionality helps our clients keep costs down.

Our clients seek to build their businesses in many different ways. As a Dynamics user, take a look at some of the options you'll have at your disposal:

Dynamics offerings:

Financial Series - Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Asset Management, eBanking
Purchasing Series - Inventory Control, Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing
Sales Series - Invoicing, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing
Human Resources Series - Human Resources, Payroll
Project Series - Project Accounting, eTimesheets
E-commerce Series - eSell, eOrder

Expand core functionality with Foundation Series and Customization and Integration Series:

Seagate Crystal Reports, Dynamics Report Writer
Dynamics Explorer
Modifier with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
Integration Manager and Integration Assistant for Excel

Choose a powerful database engines to fit your needs:

Pervasive.SQL, or Microsoft SQL Server

Take your business to new dimensions using total integration capability for FRx financial reporting utilities and Great Plains Siebel Front Office customer relationship management software

Dynamic interfaces deliver ease-of-use

Dynamics users have long commented on the user-friendly nature of Great Plains Dynamics. Its windows-based design and consistency across different modules offers users a stable and familiar work environment. Whether dealing with new employees or the implementation of a new system, Dynamics' logical architecture makes for an easy transition. New functionality in Dynamics Version 6.0 allows for even greater productivity with the integration of a shortcut navigation menu, and extended support for task automation and interface customization.

Improving on the same technologies that have created its award-winning reputation, the latest version of Dynamics allows users to track transactions easily and instantly, even across different modules. Using advanced lookups, user-defined procedures, "drill down" functionality and record hyper-linking, getting to the bottom of things really is as simple as point-and-click. At every turn, users will find an extensive array of simple, categorized options that allow the quick retrieval of collateral information, such as inventory availabilites, payment histories, even multicurrency exchange rates.

Dynamic vision builds the business of tomorrow

Great Plains Dynamics is an investment in the future of your business. More than just a standard financial application, it is a user-oriented business management tool with a proven track record of evolving with the changing needs of today's companies. Moreover, its built-in functionality and scalability give you the power to think big.

Still not convinced this is the right solution for you? Fallon & Associates will be happy to schedule an on-site demonstration of just what Great Plains Dynamics can do for your business. Call Arleen Fallon at 617-783-5140, or send us an e-mail today.

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