Custom Applications

From processing and importing data to managing vital information, today's businesses often require more than just a simple out-of-the-box application. Fallon & Associates specializes in custom applications solutions, ranging from simple reporting utilities to complex record management databases. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and vision to create innovative and lasting solutions.

Customer tracking

Managing and leveraging customer information efficiently and effectively has become an important challenge to the modern business model. Fortunately, doing so has never been so easy. Fallon & Associates has worked with a number of clients to design contact management databases to facilitate the storage and retrieval of crucial information, giving your business the edge it needs to grow in a changing market.

Invoice processing

We have also worked with clients to build invoicing applications, designing customized user interfaces that process and generate specialized invoices for integration into a larger accounting system.

Web applications

Customer outreach, remote database access, and business-to-business data management are taking advantage of the Internet like never before. Fallon & Associates can work with your company to build a customized Web solution, using powerful technologies like Microsoft Active Server Pages to deliver accurate information to customers or field personnel.

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