Data Integration

Upgrading or implementing business systems requires the migration or integration of large amounts of data. Some businesses are simply installing new systems, which requires a one-time data migration process. Other companies require a reusable custom integration process as part of their larger integration plans. Needs vary, which is why Fallon & Associates works closely with its clients to ensure their data integration is done right the first time. Our team is experienced in all aspects of this process, from updating accounts and transferring historical data to programming dynamic application-based integration processes using the latest technologies.

Many such data integration solutions make use of Dynamics Integration Manager, a powerful tool from Great Plains that facilitates the transferrence of data from single source files to the complex web of accounting system tables. We can work with your structures to develop a lasting solution, even automating repetitive or labor intensive process to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our clients often seek to develop customized integrations between multiple business systems, such as order processing and billing software, or web databases. Using custom programming scripts, Integration Manager, and a number of data transfer technologies, Fallon & Associates works with your existing data structures to design seamless integrations among different, even seemingly incongruous applications.

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